F#*k Bumfights!  This is the revenge of the bums…

The darkly comedic
story of a SUITFIGHT in the oil capital of Norway – Stavanger.


A short film by writer/director, cartoonist, author Kristian B. Walters

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starring :

Anne Marie Ottersen       Svein Harry S.Hauge

Øystein Martinsen           Thomas Aske Berg




Molly (Anne Marie Ottersen), a tough as nails tramp in her sixties with a penchant for ballet and kidnapping is hunting a couple of filthy rich stockbrokers to serve as the evening’s entertainment at a secret bum camp. Molly has two semi-competent hobo helpers, a shopping trolley and a wheelchair to pull off her plan. The street dwellers are so used to being invisible to the hordes of nine-to-fivers that they boldly strike in broad daylight in downtown Stavanger. A dark comedy in tune with the global financial zeitgeist. The Suitfight title stands in opposition to the tawdry Bumfights phenomenon.




SUITFIGHT is screening at Stavanger's main cinema KINO 1 - (FREE entrance)

THURSDAY 27th October at 5p.m.


SATURDAY 29th October at 1p.m.


THURSDAY 3rd November at 5p.m.


SATURDAY 5th November at 1p.m.